Death by diamonds and pearls

Death by Diamonds and Pearls” is a conceptual mix between mythological symbols from the middle ages, mythology (from myth and metaphorical characters to cult objects and social status) and the cosmetized contemporary.

The stilistics is based on combining elements from different periods of time (armours, helmets, contemporary clothes, motocycles, accessories) and proposes the viewer an image of a temporal space where he is invited to meditate about the human and spiritual side.

Evoking cultural references, historical moments, and social rebellion, the film proposes connections between old and new and brings into spotlight transformations that took place due to the passing of time. 

It explores notions of myth, violence, hypocrisy, lust for power, duality. A corrupt world, split between abusers and their victims.

Diamonds and Pearls is a mesmerizing, multi‐video series of surreal vignettes themed around beauty (and the toll it takes), accompanied by the brooding score of Massive Attack.

Director, sound, edit and production: Carioca Studio (Dragoș Trăistaru, Andrei Stoleru, Dragoș Coman), 2012

DOP: Radu Voinea
Postproduction: StudioSET
Screend at Entrance Concept Store, Romanian Design Week and BIEFF ‐ Bucharest International Experimenal Film Festival.