Collective Identity

Collective Identity it’s a short film based on the idea of building a collectivity by destroying the personal identity.

Combining elements of classical ballet in a powerful postmodernist technique and working with emotions that generate movements, the film is a travel search into the mind of the performers and most off all into their feeling.

The story it’s about a group of dancers striving through fear, love and pain, hoping to find themselves through the hardest battle which any human being can fight, to remember themselves by stop believing what they should be.

The surveillance, the thirst, the cold, the lost paradise combined in a pendulum between reality and fantasy, in order to construct a world placed on the verge of destruction, will make the watching to become so tense, as you will feel like a part of it.

Directed by: Radu Aldea and Sandra Mavhima

Dancers: Galina Bobeicu, Irina Strungareanu, Sandra Mavhima, Momo Sanno, Mugur Valsami.

Choreographer: Sandra Mavhima
Cinematographer: Radu Aldea

Produced by X si 0 Dance Project, Rollin Film and The National Dance Centre – Bucharest